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Have a beautiful ear with our KELOID CARE Program  


You had your ear pierced...

Now you have a keloid. 

At first no one could see it

...Now no one can miss it! 


A special service of the Aesthetic Facial Surgery and Sinus Care Center is the cosmetic removal of keloids from the ear.  A keloid is the overgrowth of scar tissue which typically occurs after a patient has had an ear pierced.   This excess growth occurs as a result of the body attempts to repeatedly repair itself.

The Keloid Care Program consists of cosmetic removal and repair in addition to the suppression of the re-growth of the keloid.  It is recommended that patients purchase and wear a pressure earring at night (our pressure earrings have a steroid backing) which continues the process of suppressing the return of the keloid. 

 Dr. Brown is a board certified ear surgery specialist who can not only remove the scar tissue but repair the defect created by the removal of the keloid.

You can have a beautiful ear with our Keloid Care program. 

What are you waiting for your keloid can only get larger! 

With over twenty five years of experience why trust your ear to anyone else?

 We invite you to call the office today to schedule a cosmetic ear consultation.

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